How to crack iobit advanced systemcare 11


Advanced SystemCare offers Full Optimization và Protection for Cleaner, Faster and More Secured PC.

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It’s lakiểm tra release, version, has just come out. Registering this version for không lấy phí, however, is a bit different than registering its predecessors. Let’s see how we can Register Advanced SystemCare 11.5 for free!


You need an older version of Advanced SystemCare 11 for this method khổng lồ work. I recommkết thúc version because it’s known to lớn be working.

Download Advanced SystemCare

Download the old version và install it. After installation, copy out this tệp tin from your system & save sầu it. Note the file is at different locations between 32-bit & 64-bit systems.

32-bit system: C:Program FilesIObitAdvanced SystemCareRegister.exe64-bit system: C:Program Files (x86)IObitAdvanced SystemCareRegister.exe
Next, install Advanced SystemCare 11.5. After installation, replace the tệp tin Register.exe pháo with the one you copied out from the old version.

Open Advanced SystemCare 11.5, clichồng the three lines on the top-left corner & clichồng Settings. Select AutoUpdate và enter proxy settings as follows.


Now return khổng lồ the main screen & clichồng Enter Code on the bottom-right corner. Go find any license code online and enter it inlớn the box. Clichồng Register Now và you’ll see this popup:


Don’t worry, you’ve already succeeded! Close the registration window and see if you have Advanced SystemCare 11.5 Pro now. Voilà!

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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

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