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Premiere Pro stops playback at around 34:46 (Fixed in v22.3.1)

For some users, playback or rendering may stop around 00:34:46:00 in the timeline. After this happens, audio and video will no longer play back anywhere in the timeline. Exports in Premiere Pro and truyền thông Encoder also hang at about the same point.

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This issue occurs in the following scenarios:

Audio present in the timelineAudio present on two or more tracksTimeline longer than 34:46

This issue is fixed in Premiere Pro version 22.3.1. 

In Premiere Pro or truyền thông Encoder on M1 Pro, M1 Max & M1 Ultra systems, the following errors can result when rendering to lớn ProRes 4444 and ProRes 4444XQ codec variants with Alpha channel.

Error compiling movie in ecole.vn media Encoder

The temporary workaround for this issue in the 22.3 release is khổng lồ disable ProRes Hardware encoding using the Media preferences dialog (Preferences > Media).

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Deselect the Enable ProRes hardware-accelerated encoding, if available option. It is checked by default.Select OK và retry render.
The truyền thông preferences dialog box

Plug-in compatibility issues

Premiere Pro 22.1.1 introduced a bug that impacts third-party After Effects plugins that work in Premiere Pro, such as those from BorisFX, Red Giant, Digital Anarchy, and other vendors. The bug impacts plugin functions that request a frame from Premiere Pro, such as a thumbnail image. 

For more information on affected plugins và workarounds, see this community post.

Out of memory errors on M1 Macs

If Premiere Pro or truyền thông Encoder is experiencing out-of-memory errors on M1-based Macs, adjusting the amount of memory allocated lớn ecole.vn applications may help decrease or eliminate the occurrence of these errors. You can try increasing the amount of memory that the operating system uses to lớn achieve a 50% balance between ecole.vn and other applications/OS.

To work around this issue:

In the memory allocation area in the Memory preferences dialog (Preferences > Memory), it shows the amount of RAM available to ecole.vn & other applications.

Change the value listed for other applications to lớn represent 1/2 of the total installed RAM.Restart ecole.vn application to lớn activate new memory allocation.
Allocating memory
Enable High quality Playback using the wrench menu in the Program Monitor