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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018- Professional program for non-linear đoạn clip editing. The application provides high-quality editing of đoạn clip resolution 4K and higher, with 32-bit color, both in RGB và YUV color space. Editing audio samples, tư vấn for VST audio plug-ins (plug-in) & audio tracks 5.1 surround. The Premiere Pro plug-in architecture allows you to import and export QuickTime or DirectShow container materials, và also supports a huge number of đoạn phim and audio formats from MacOS & Windows.

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Additional Information

• Perform đoạn clip editing faster with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the ideal tool for professional monitors. Many new features are now available, including the built-in color correction mechanism with Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2015, extended support for original formats, improved function for editing material from multiple cameras, etc.

• Adobe Premiere Pro CC is part of the Creative Cloud. Therefore, its users are available all the latest updates, và access lớn new versions is provided from the time they are released. Improve your skills và learn new tools through a large and constantly updated collection of training videos. Through integration with Behance, you can nội dung your projects with other users và get instant feedback about your work from designers around the world.

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Advantages of Adobe Premiere Pro CC

• Interactive Text TemplatesChange the text in After Effect compositions without leaving Premiere Pro.• Masking and trackingCreate shading masks to darken or select objects. These masks will follow the objects from frame khổng lồ frame. Send masks to After Effects via Dynamic links to access advanced tracking functions.• Main clipeffects When adding effects khổng lồ the main clip, they will be reflected in each part of this video clip in the sequence.• Improved graphics with the Mercury Playback EngineImproved OpenCL processes, debugging of the graphics processor for RED truyền thông media and tư vấn for intel Iris make it possible lớn speed up the work.• Faster editingWorking with large projects has become even more convenient; added faster tìm kiếm and sorting functions in the Project panel. New editing functions help to fulfill any user request, for example, rotate the alignment frame or move the volumetric keyframe.• New export formatsExport projects lớn AS11 format used in broadcasting, or to lớn Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format for display in movie theaters. Both formats include associated metadata. You can also export audio to stereo formats of Dolby Digital & Dolby Digital Plus.• Integration with TypekitFind Typekit fonts in the Title menu & load them for use in projects.• Autosave in CloudPerform automatic backup of Premiere Pro projects in Adobe Creative Cloud.• support for new native formatsThere is built-in tư vấn for the format of the ARRI AMIRA cameras. When importing such projects, LUT tables are used as the main clips. Also supported formats Sony STTP, Canon RAW và CinemaDNG.

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro CС

• Create lightweight proxy options. Thanks lớn the fast switching between high và low resolution formats, you can mount video on any device without unnecessary load on the system.• Installation during import. During the background transfer of multimedia content, you can begin editing the captured material in virtually any format. After completing the transfer, Premiere Pro switches to the copied material & releases the camera.• Increased màn chơi of performance & stability. Built-in tư vấn for táo apple Metal technology and hardware decoding H264 allows you khổng lồ apply more realistic effects and reduce the number of dropped frames (only with the hãng sản xuất intel Iris graphics driver for Windows installed).• Convenient work with colors. In the tools of Limetri, new secondary HSL colors have appeared. Now you can isolate & fine-tune the colors, adjust the white balance và adjust the color to the finest shades. Use the new SpeedLooks style simply by clicking the mouse.• Convenient key combinations. Keyboard shortcuts accelerate the process of making changes, allowing you to lớn move between key frames, và also increase or decrease the scale of individual frames in the timeline. With the command “Delete effects” you can quickly cancel certain effects.• support for đoạn phim in the virtual reality mode. In the virtual reality mode, you can view the clip from the viewer’s face using the pan & tilt functions.• Subtitles. Create subtitles that will be displayed on the screen. You can also change the visible subtitles to lớn hidden và select their font, color, kích thước and position.• Comprehensive support for high-resolution formats. The newest formats of source files are supported, including Red Weapon.• Advanced language support. Now you can create headlines in even more languages with different alphabets (for example, in Arabic và Hebrew).• Rapid publication in social networks. You can instantly publish videos on popular sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo & Twitter.• Optimization of work with libraries. Resource management functions in read-only libraries Creative Cloud Libraries allow workgroup members to use resources, but vì not allow you lớn modify or delete them.• Updated “Libraries” working environment. The new “Library” working environment makes it easy to tìm kiếm for content and allows you to lớn apply filters when searching in Adobe Stock. Also added new icons for licensed Stock resources. You can view information about the duration và format of each đoạn phim in your libraries và receive links for viewing.• and much more. Other updates và enhancements: support for màu sắc management interfaces, improved Lumetri areas for more precise brightness control, improved resolution & monitoring of the Rec2020 màu sắc space.

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