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Y few years & Obamacare taxes might be thought to have a cost or nothing too since costs are not thought about much. To địa chỉ 20 legal versions of CS4 on đôi mươi boxes would be about 10 grand.įurther ways of possible forceing Photoshop upgrades could be say making CS5 not load on say XP since it is totally obsolete & folks need to lớn use their credit cards!įor young folks buying a new version of Photoshop and a new OS ever

For me in printing for the public I have no luxury of using CS4 on all boxes with its downgraded subset of weird obscure tệp tin variants. For somebody who doent have to open older file variants using only a new version is ok. In the spirt of upgrading each variant of new Photoshop grows in disc space time to lớn load & older tệp tin variants abandoned.
Thus just using Bridge causes folks lớn get a computer upgrade to giảm giá khuyến mãi with the added massive bog caused by Bridge. One an older computer "PS7's Browse" is radically quicker than CS2, CS3, CS4's Bridge thus the beloved *upgrade* is a downgrade for browsing ie a oto truck of cement that causes the car to be now a slug. CS2's early Bridge had issues it would not even load on an older CPU until my bitching got the Adobe goofs to fix the issue. Upgrading is always not such a clean thing. Kens current CS4 will be considered an an amateur crude program in a few years and buying an upgrade khổng lồ CS5 or CS6 will be required lớn save face. *Tying* new raw/bastard variants to lớn cause one lớn *upgrade* is a GREAT ploy by Adobe since Photoshop is now about a 2 decade old program with already alot of dodads.
If one looks back in time with photoshop's cost it was once a trival cost compared khổng lồ just buying a 17" crt ram or a fast drive/controller.Ī 17" crt OR a card vga digital OR 16 megs of ram cost more that FULL photoshop in the earlier days for some of us. One can revolve one of our 35 or 50 megapixel scan backs images in only a few seconds. Photoshop 3 spools up and is full xuất hiện in about 8/10 second. In the box below it is a pentium III 1 ghz with 1 gig of ram. Photoshop is a very deep program many times folks only discover things in their version LONG after several new version have come out.

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Here I have versions 2 to CS4 plus many Elements versions lite/bundled versions One could consider CS4 "old" it has been out 11 months CS3 has been out 2.5 years CS2 4.5 years. Thus the box below that has 6 full bore versions is used to open these variants not openable by the so called new version. Along the Photoshop "upgrade" process of new versions some weird tệp tin variants are abandoned. By version 3 one had about 2 dozen or one could use a CD. Today is Acme in 2010 releases a digital with a weird Raw variant maybe only CS5 can open it.Īdobe Photoshop và Aldus Photostyler long ago only took about 2 floppies. Adobe bought Photostyler along the way it became starter Photoshop Elements. Type support got better retouching gizmos grew & filters. Then we got dual CPU support and actions with ver 4 13 years ago. Then we got layers 15 years ago with ver 3.
It first was only Mac based then us PC users got khổng lồ use it. Then there will be CS6 then CS7 CS8 & folks still using CS4 will be fossils!Īfter using Photoshop for 19 years the newer versions seem more like a blur. Well, I know where NTUSER.One can always *WAIT* for a newer version.

Further research says the serial number is said lớn be under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, & the, uh "hive" for that is said khổng lồ be located in NTUSER.DAT. Something about loading a "hive" into regedit & then unloading it when I'm done. What I'd like to know is, is there any way I can view the registry of my old hard drive? I don't want lớn edit or remove anything, just lớn look & see the serial number of my copy of Adobe CS2. My old hard drive is currently in a USB enclosure connected to my new computer. I recently upgraded my old computer khổng lồ a new one, since the old one doesn't power on anymore (and it's old). Apparently, the serial number is stored in the registry of my computer. I tried calling Adobe to see if there was anything I could do, but no luck, thanks lớn the lack of proof of purchase. I probably just need lớn re-install, but surprise surprise, I lost the sleeve with the serial number on it too! This was fine up until I wanted Adobe CS2 on my new computer, và upon transferring it told me my serial number was now invalid. Younger và more stupid, I might add, since I neither asked for the receipt nor registered the product online. It was purchased a while back & given lớn me when I was younger. I have a LEGITIMATE copy of Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium (seriously, I will take pictures of the box and CDs if I need to).