How to activate microsoft office 2010


Owners of Microsoft Office 2010 who are still using this package should realize that this hàng hóa has not only fallen out of Microsoft tư vấn, but can also no longer be re-activated in case of a fresh install. Microsoft seems lớn refuses now to activate the sản phẩm after a re-install, as I have sầu now learned in two specific cases.

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Microsoft Office 2010 needs to be activated

To be able to lớn use Microsoft Office 2010 after a new installation, it must be activated by Microsoft. Should be no problem for a regular buyer who owns a key. Unfortunately, some users who bought Microsoft Office 2010, haven"t calced without Microsoft. The company has simply switched off the activation servers that are required for Office 2010 activation.


German blog reader Tobias has now had the unpleasant experience that this required activation no longer works – neither the online activation, nor a telephone activation, as he shares on Twitter. The German tweet above sầu says, he could not activate Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, either online nor via telephone activation. German blog reader Karl says in the following reply tweet: No longer works. Only MAK và KMS left. Welcome to the end of tư vấn.


Tobias answered that he uses a volume license with a multi-activation key (MAK) for his Microsoft Office 2010. So there, too, activation seems khổng lồ be denied by Microsoft.


Notes: Activating a KMS key against a Key Management Server probably still works, as I interpret above sầu tweet right. It could also be a Linux-based KMS VPS, as I read on Facebook at a feedbachồng lớn my German copy of this article. And a Facebook user wrote that an activation with C2R still works – but I"m not sure if a key can be used for an MSI installation with Click-to-Run (C2R). Besides, not everyone wants this C2R giải pháp công nghệ on their machine (see Office: Instabilities/crashes due to lớn C2R & MSI parallel installation?).

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Phone activation is denied

I had already addressed the issue of Microsoft Office 2010 activation within my German blog blog in 2017. People had to do a phone activation because the online activation didn"t work anymore. In mid-July 2021, German blog reader Steffen left this bình luận on the German blog post Office 2010: Telefonaktivierung eingestellt? – Merkwürdigkeit II (I"ve sầu translated the German text):

After 10 minutes of discussion on the phone with an employee was made clear khổng lồ me that an activation is no longer possible under any circumstances. The reason was the over of support and support also means activation.

I am now sitting on several Prof & Business licenses that I can no longer use, but were officially purchased years ago for the company.

This again shows the ugly side of Microsoft Office: If Microsoft thinks that the support has expired, they are able to refuse the re-activation – so the product can no longer be used.

What is your experience?

Regardless of whether support for Office 2010 has expired, I"m wondering if the above examples are isolated cases, or if the activation infrastructure has been/is being shut down, & whether it affects retail or volume licenses. The phone activation example cited above was likely a retail package, the Twitter example referenced above sầu was related to a MAK key.

Question: are there similar affected parties – & what type of license (retail or volume) could no longer be activated? It may be that only MAK keys are affected, while Office 2010 can still be activated against a Key Management Server (KMS key required). And the Click-2-Run (C2R) packages are also supposed khổng lồ still work regarding activation.

And as a follow-up question: There is the possibility to backup an activation tệp tin and save sầu it back after a new Office installation. What is the experience, does this work reliably?

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