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A PDF file is a document saved in the Portable Document Format. Lớn read a PDF file, you vày not need the original program used to create the file, but you vì chưng need Adobe Reader. This software is không tính tiền and can be downloaded from the Adobe website. This document identifies prerequisites for accessing PDF files, reading files, và instructions for downloading và installing Adobe Reader.

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NOTES:The instructions may vary slightly depending on your individual computer setup. The Learning and Technology Services Help Desk is available to help if you have problems. They can be reached at 715.836.5711 or at helpdesk

Requirements for Accessing PDF Files

Here are the requirements you will need in order lớn access PDF files:

Adobe Acrobat ReaderInternet browserNetwork connectionTime to download the files

Downloading và Installing the Adobe Reader

Downloading Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a program that is provided miễn phí by Adobe và will allow you to access PDF files. You only need to download and install the program on your computer once.

Under Also install, make any additional selections.

Click Download.The Adobe Reader with Google Toolbar page appears.

Select a location and click Save.ORIn the confirmation dialog box, click Install.Recommended: Save the tệp tin to your Desktop.The install program is downloaded khổng lồ the location you select.NOTE: Depending on your type of computer, operating system, and Internet browser, step 4 may vary slightly.

Installing Adobe Reader

After you have downloaded Adobe Reader, you must install it.

Go khổng lồ the thư mục that you saved the Adobe Reader install program in.

Double click the install program icon.

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Click Next.

To confirm the location, click Next.

At the Thank You dialog box, click OK.The installation of the program is now complete.

Reading PDF Files with the Adobe Reader

Depending on your computer setup, you will either be able khổng lồ read PDF files automatically, or read them by saving them lớn your computer first.

Reading PDF Files by Saving Them First

Right click the liên kết to the PDF file » select Save link As... or Save Target As...

In the Save As dialog box, select the location where you want to save the file.

Click Save.The file will begin to lớn download.

When the Download Complete dialog box appears, click Open.The file will open in Adobe Reader.NOTE: You can access the tệp tin again by navigating to the thư mục you saved it in.

Reading PDF Files Automatically

Click the liên kết to the PDF file.The tệp tin should open in Adobe Reader automatically.

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